Have you thought about self-publishing?

Have I ever thought of self publishing? Yes. Have I self published? Yes. The evil twin has…read about it here. I’m sure Melanie will as well sometime in the future. Did I want to take that as my first option? No. Not when I was first trying to sell. It wasn’t such a big thing then and I really wanted to sell to a New York publisher and see my books in book stores. Should you self publish? Well, to that I say…it depends. Depends on all sorts of things. What do you want from being published? How patient are you? How prolific are you? Do you write something that the “traditional” publishers (by that I mean both print first and digital first) don’t publish? How much time/money do you have to spend on the publishing side of things if you don’t have a publisher? All sorts of things.

Personally, I had always wanted to see my books in bookstores and I wanted the help and guidance an editor and a traditional publisher can give me.So I hung in there and went for a New York traditional house. That was what was right for me. Other people want different things. I think self-publishing is a lot of work (even Amanda Hocking would tell you that) if you want to be a success.  I think it makes great sense for established authors with backlist that’s out of print. It probably makes sense for established authors who want more control or to do something different (that’s why the evil twin did it). I think it’s probably still a hard path for a debut author unless you do have a lot of time on your hands to market the book and the money up front to invest in a good editor/copy editor/art work and you can write fairly fast. But that’s just my opinion and you have to figure out what suits you.

I think the most likely result of all of this will be that most authors (me included) will wind up publishing in a variety of ways, some books with traditional publishers, some with digital presses and they’ll put out some things themselves. This is very cool for authors.  It’s very cool for readers.

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