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The first review for Angel in Armani is in and it’s a good one (phew!) Publisher’s Weekly says “Scott‚Äôs gift for storytelling and knack for creating sympathetic characters make this a first-rate contemporary.” Not long now until Angel in Armani is out which is kind of hard to believe. If you want to be awesome, you can pre-order (I’m adding ebook links as they appear!) And the very hot cover for Lawless in Leather has been revealed! But in what is the most exciting news for the New York Saints, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve sold two more books in the series to St. Martins Press, PLAYING HARD and PLAYING FAST. I don’t have publication dates yet so I’ll keep you posted. PLAYING HARD is Oliver Shields’ book for those who’ve met him in The Devil in Denim. You haven’t met the hero of PLAYING FAST yet but he’s worth waiting for.

I’ve finished revisions on Lawless in Leather and the paperback is popping up for pre-order so you can order your copy. I’ll add ebook links when they pop up. Now onto writing Playing Hard…I’m looking forward to putting Oliver through the wringer ūüėÄ Also, psst, I hear the evil twin has a new book out later this month.

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