• PlayingFast_96_240h

    Playing Fast

    Finn Castro vs Eva Harlowe

    Out now!

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  • The Devil in Denim Cover

    The Devil in Denim

    Alex Winters vs Maggie Jameson
    In the game of love, sometimes you have to break all the rules …

    Out now!


  • Angel in Armani

    Angel in Armani

    Lucas Angelo vs Sara Charles 

    Is he a lover or a player—or both?

    Out now


  • Lawless in Leather

    Lawless in Leather

    Malachi Coulter vs Raina Easton

    Legally HOT!

    Out now!


  • Lawless in Leather

    Playing Hard

    Oliver Shields v Amelia Graham

    To win the game, you might have to lose your heart

    Out now


  • The New York Saints

    No one ever called them saints…once upon a time there were three not so little guys. Guys who loved baseball. Guys brought together at college by their baseball scholarships. The wily catcher. The hot-shot pitcher. The slugger who could knock-em out of the park.  From very different backgrounds, these guys bonded over pizza, beer, women and their love of the New York Saints, the worst team in the history of major league baseball. The three of them had looks and talent. World beaters. Headed for the show, no doubt about it …



Release day for the evil triplet!

Yippee! NEED YOU NOW , the first book in my Cloud Bay series, writing as Emma Douglas is out today! Check out more on my blog or on my Emma site. If you liked the Saints, I think you’ll like Cloud Bay, so check is out Need You Now. And then not long to wait for the next two books in the series. A SEASON OF YOU  is out October 3 and NO PLACE LIKE YOU on December 5. Click the titles to order.

If you haven’t caught up with the New York Saints yet, you can check out THE DEVIL IN DENIMANGEL IN ARMANILAWLESS IN LEATHERPLAYING HARD and PLAYING FAST.

In other news I’m proofing the next evil twin (or should that be evil triplets now?) book, The Forbidden Heir which should be out in November. I also managed to fracture my right arm, so that’s been fun (luckily upper arm, not my wrist and no cast so I’ve been able to type). In between arm in sling typing sessions, I’ve been plotting a few books and watching too much TV.

If you stick around here you can learn a little about me and my books, and check out some of my favorite writers and writing links and other stuff. For even more about me check out the FAQs.

This site is currently updated once a month or so (more often as exciting news hits). For more frequent updates you can read the last few blog posts here or visit my blog where I’ll be talking about what happens with my writing, my life and whatever else catches my attention. Or follow on me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. You can get in touch with me here. If you want to hear my news and book release announcements from time to time, you can join my mailing list using the form in the sidebar. Now, go read a good book!

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